Strength Training For Women: Burn Fat Effectively…And Sculpt The Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of (Strength Training 101)

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    Strength Training For Women…Your Answer To Less Fat, Toned Muscle And The Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of

    There’s a growing army of women out there laughing…

    Because they’ve turned their bodies into fat burning machines – without exercising most of the week or eating like a rabbit.

    Because they’ve transformed their bodies – and are now in the best shape of their lives.

    Because they now love exercise, feeling strong – and the fact that they never have to do mind-numbing cardio ever again!

    These are the women who do strength training and are now laughing about the huge misconception that lifting weights makes women ‘bulky’ or ‘masculine’.

    The reality is that weight training incinerates body fat, develops lean, toned muscles, increases your strength, improves your mental health, strengthens your heart, lowers your risk of disease, strengthens bones, improves posture, boosts your confidence…the list goes on.

    The word on these benefits is well and truly out there amongst women, and Strength Training For Women: Burn Fat Effectively & Sculpt The Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of is written to spread the message even further.

    Are you fed up pounding the treadmill literally getting nowhere? Are you frustrated after exercising for weeks but seeing zero results when you look in the mirror? Are you bored with your fitness classes or same old boring workout? Do you have to drag yourself along to the gym each time?

    This book can help solve all those problems. Imagine only having to exercise three times per week, for less than an hour each time? Imagine really enjoying each session and looking forward to your next one? Imagine feeling stronger and more confident every week? And imagine all of that translating into clear, positive changes in your body shape, health…and entire vibe?

    That’s exactly what weight training can deliver. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner, have some experience with strength training, or just want to learn more, Strength Training For Women: Burn Fat Effectively & Sculpt The Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of can absolutely help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

    There are plenty of weight training books out there. Not quite so many weight training books for women. This is THE book to help you get results as it includes all the most effective gym workouts for women, strategies, and shows you how to easily create your own training plans.

    It also features the stories of women who had no clue about weight training, and they reveal how they had the same fears and insecurities as most other women when they first stepped inside the gym. They explain how they quickly overcame what was holding them back to achieve great results.

    The book also includes an exclusive interview with Marianne Kane, women’s strength training expert at and a co-founder of the Get Glutes training program. She shares her specialised knowledge on glutes training – helping you get your butt in great shape!

    Below are the contents of Strength Training For Women:

    Chapter 1 – The Myth Of Ending Up ‘Bulky’ Chapter 2 – Building Your Self Confidence In The Gym Chapter 3 – Barbells, Dumbbells and Going Heavy Chapter 4 – Compound Exercises Chapter 5 – Muscle Isolation Exercises Chapter 6 – Peachy 101: How To Sculpt An Awesome Ass Chapter 7 – Reps and Intensity / Creating Your Own Training Program Chapter 8 – 10 Tips For Staying On Track & Smashing Your Goals Chapter 9 – A “Weapon” In The Battle For Fitness & Good Health Chapter 10 – “Strength Training Helped Save My Life”


    An e-book featuring high quality photo demonstrations of all the top strength training exercises is also available to all readers for free. This will help you master the best gym workouts for women…so you can achieve your health and fitness goals quicker.

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